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Environmental Management

Many organizations already have some form of environmental performance management as part of their overall management structure. However, many face difficulties when implementing a formal Environmental Management System (EMS), such as limited resources and high implementation costs. In these circumstances,  implementation of an Environmental Management System by EQM Ltd offers several advantages.

Banish worries about resource restrictions

Any organization attempting to grapple with the complexities of environmental management must do so within the context of a range of other issues - for example managing day-to-day operations - with limited resources. Given such demands, implementation of an EMS can be seen as simply another investment on time, money and manpower. The process outlined in BS 8555 or ISO 14001 is specifically designed to help address the main problems of human and financial resource restrictions faced by any organization. EQM Ltd are adept at interpreting these processes and applying them to individual businesses.

Demonstrate sound environmental performance

Being able to demonstrate improved environmental performance management is of obviously vital importance. Key clients, having implemented their own EMS, now expect their suppliers to be able to demonstrate some commitment to environmental protection and improvement. As a result many organizations want to improve their environmental performance but may not know where to start. EQM Ltd can provide an implementation framework that allows organizations to choose the pace of their environmental programmes and the ways that they measure and monitor their performance. It also offers larger organizations the opportunity to improve the environmental performance of their supply chain in a non-threatening environment, working closely with their key suppliers to achieve shared organizational goals.

More organizations are now coming to realize that there are substantial benefits in integrating environmental aspects into all other areas of your business. Some of these benefits include lower costs, stimulation of innovation, new business opportunities and improved product quality.

We would be pleased to discuss with you concepts and current practices relating to the integration of environmental aspects into your company. It is relevant for everyone involved in the design and development of products, and for those responsible for the policy and/or decision-making process.

An holistic approach to sustainable product development

One of the main features of the EQM Ltd Environmental Management integration process is the holistic approach in integrating environmental aspects of products into the existing management system. Considering not only product and service issues but also strategic as well as management issues in integrating environmental aspects is key to the success of the integration process. EQM Ltd adopts an holistic approach by specifically addressing issues related to strategic, management, product and service considerations.

Key Benefits
  • Complete and comprehensive consultancy service to ensure that all environmental aspects and impacts have been identified.

  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements to do with operating your business

  • Confidence that you know your position with respect to compliance with the regulations - no gray areas and no more "I hope we're doing things right"

  • Environmental Management System that integrates fully with your Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Information Management System. No areas of duplication, overlap or needless repetition

  • Lower operating costs for your business

  • Stimulation of innovation

  • Development of new business opportunities

  • Improved product quality

  • Develop a Paperless Environmental Management System

Why EQM?


Experience is essential to successful performance of environmental management projects because past, current, and future environmental activities and decisions can critically affect the success and profitability of a company. We offer both expertise and experience coupled with application of state-of-the-art technology to meet your environmental project needs.


Quality is the foundation of our business. We know there is simply no room today for anything other than the best. Our work has to meet the test of quality at every level. Providing attention to detail and ensuring customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We utilize the principles of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We also work with our clients to help them integrate quality management approaches into their existing environmental operations.


The hiring of environmental consulting services is a key buying decision that should provide the highest level of experience, service, and expertise available. EQM Ltd stands behind our commitments and is available to discuss your needs at any time. We are ever mindful that we must be responsive and provide you with the product you expect, on or ahead of schedule.


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